CYCLESOCIETY is a full body, rhythm based cycling studio located in the heart of downtown Napa.  Our goal is to inspire those around us to operate from a place where they always believe growth is possible.  We know that change starts from the inside and we believe that being on the bike creates an opportunity to work out physically, while also digging deeper into matters of the heart and mind.  We invite our riders to ask themselves what it would look like if they stopped putting limits on themselves and believed that anything was possible.

Owners, Mark and Brittany Carducci opened the studio in the Fall of 2019 to bring the boutique fitness trend of indoor rhythm riding to Napa Valley and their goal was to create a community where riders would be motivated, inspired and ultimately, have their lives changed. Both Mark and Brittany come from extensive fitness backgrounds and were both raised in entrepreneurial families.  Opening CYCLESOCIETY brings everything full circle for the couple, who, along with their 3 boys, are thrilled to be merging many of their personal passions to create a space for limitless possibilities.  

As the world changes rapidly, they aim to display that a solid foundation is everything and strive to keep a consistent business model and steadfast vision and purpose in everything they do.