• Sign up for an account on the web site, or through the APP. You can also email our studio with any questions before booking your first ride.

• Hydrate before class, we also sell water and have a water filling station. 

• Show up 15 minutes early to get checked in and situated.

• We do not have shoe rentals, but not to worry, each bike has the option to clip in or wear regular tennis shoes!

• Whatever bike number you are on, you have a corresponding locker to use during class to store your stuff. 

• One of our front desk staff members, or instructors will make sure that you’re set up perfectly on the bike so you can maximize your experience in the saddle room. 

• Make sure to introduce yourself to your instructor.  Let them know if you have any injuries, or concerns and they’ll make sure to give you some suggestions on how to cater the ride to your specific needs.

Learn how to setup your bike at CYCLESOCIETY, click here


• Once the saddle room doors close, its time to engage in the present moment.  We ask riders to leave their phones and devices in their locker so their time in class is distraction free.   

• We ride to the beat of the musicYour instructor will call out and demonstrate various drills to perform. 

• We believe in having gear (resistance) on the bikes. Having resistance helps prevent injuries.  We like to ride fast, but we also like to be safe and smart.  We encourage riders to keep ample resistance on their bikes at all points in class.  

• Have fun, holler, laugh, sing and get out of your head! 


• At the end of each class, your instructor will lead you through a 5 minute stretch.  

 We ask that each rider grab a sanitizing wipe located in the saddle room to wipe their seat and handlebars, it gets sweaty in there!

• We do not have a shower at our facility, but we have several goodies in the bathroom to help you freshen up after class. 

• Say hi, or high five your fellow riders and CYCLESOCIETY staff, we are a community who wants to get to know you. 

• Stop by the front desk and let us know about your experience.  A front desk staff member can help provide you with information on promotions, upcoming events, and can help you book your next ride.