Born and raised in the Napa Valley, Alex brings her charisma, energy and heart to each and every ride. Growing up playing competitive sports, Alex fell in love with cycling at her first pedal stroke back in 2012. Alex believes cycling provides a unique challenge to each individual, tests your athleticism, and constructs an unparalleled community in, and out of the saddle room. Her training in barre and choreography will help you elevate your form, build your strength and lift your soul while enjoying a heart-pumping cardio party. In her spare time, Alex adores being a dog mom to her rescue pup Chance, attending music festivals, and traveling. Alex’s passion for music resonates throughout the room, with a variety of Pop, Eclectic, Electronic, and her favorite… a throwback. In Alex’s class, expect to be inspired to simply let go, sweat, laugh, cry, dance and leave her class feeling like you can conquer the world.

Reason for clipping in: Connection

Favorite Move: Figure 8s

Music You’ll hear: Electronic + Heavy Beats + Throwbacks