cycle + strength

Born and raised in the Sierra Nevadas, Brittany is a small town mountain girl with big ambitions.  She spent her time growing up as an avid athlete, eventually going on to play collegiate basketball and then proceeding college, competed in adventure races, half marathons and a couple of crossfit competitions.  She took her first indoor cycling class in 2009 and instantly fell in love with the intangible magic she felt in the room. After taking classes for several years, she found her way into personal training and instructing group fitness classes herself in 2012. She is equal parts coach, motivator and is as authentic as they come. She believes strongly in the deep human connection that occurs when sweating collectively with other likeminded individuals.  Aside from her undeniable passion for motivating others and creating and building community, Brittany is married to her best friend and together they have 3 boys.  Brittany believes that no matter how crazy life gets, her highest and most important calling is raising her boys. “Being a Mom continues to keep me humble, God has a funny way of using motherhood to keep you grounded.”  As the owner and founder of CYCLESOCIETY, she is thrilled to be sharing her passion and dream with all of the amazing riders that will come through the doors.  Get ready to saddle up, she’s going to take you on a wild ride.

Reason for Clipping In: To Inspire and connect

Favorite move: Travels, Figure 8s

Music You’ll Hear: Remixes + Heavy Beats + Bieber, always Bieber