Desirae, a Napa Valley native has always been passionate about all things health and fitness. She started cheerleading at a young age which sparked her love of moving to the beat of the music. She spends her free time pouring her heart into her work and enjoying life to the fullest with friends and family. Dez’s favorite ways to break a sweat are in the saddle, strength training in the gym, and playing with her dog, Penny. When she isn’t riding, she works for a winery as the communications coordinator and is the marketing manager of CYCLESOCIETY!

Riding with like minded go getters, listening to the best music, and meeting new faces are just a few of her favorite things about being a part of this unqiue and amazing community. Working out is her therapy and riding to the best music is a fun release for her. She can’t wait to share the magic of the saddle room with riders in her class!

You will be challenged, but you’ll always finish feeling confident and proud your mind body and spirit for showing up! 

Always remember, you CAN. She looks forward to proving that to you. 

Reason for clipping in: Moving to the beat of the best music & connecting with the community!

Favorite Move: Tap Backs + Slow Pushes

Music You’ll Hear: Hip Hop, Sassy Latin Beats, and EDM/TRAP!