Holly neal


Holly moved to Napa in 1999 with her newlywed husband to begin their family. They met while attending UC Davis, where Holly competed on the Aggie Swim Team. It wasn’t long after she settled in Napa that she began an eighteen year run as a swim coach for Vintage High School. Over the course of her time on the pool deck, Holly stayed very active while raising her two kiddos with her husband and developing her career as a freelance makeup artist. The mindset established as a competitive swimmer is ingrained in her DNA and Holly has been a perpetual “gym rat” (as she likes to call herself), training and participating in events like the Nike Women’s Marathon and Tough Mudders over the years.  When she turned 40, she set and achieved a goal to complete her first Spartan Trifecta. She may have her eyes set on a triathlon in the near future.

Being an instructor at CycleSociety is a perfect fit for Holly. It combines her love of indoor spin, the Napa community and an incredible workout!  In her words, “There’s nothing quite like clipping in, getting lost in the music, and having a dynamic workout!” No doubt, Holly brings her years of coaching experience when she’s on the podium – that “coaching voice” can be heard near and far! 

Reason for clipping in: To sweat, connect & find my community

Favorite Move: Big push-taps!

Music You’ll hear: Heavy beats, remixes, and a sprinkling of those 80’s & 90’s faves