Kenzie believes that life is about quality connection, cultivating meaningful relationships, and seizing opportunities that push one’s self to the next level. She grew up in northern Idaho with parents that encouraged any and all dreams she ever had. Nothing was ever too big, out of reach, or off the table. Because her upbringing was focused on her pursuing passions and never being told she couldn’t do something, many of her dreams have turned into reality.  She has spent 20 plus years as a drummer, she teaches drums and also spent 5 years in a rock band.  She and her husband are also the owners of two Dutch Bros. Coffee shops in the North Bay.
As if being a coffee shop owner and drummer weren’t impressive enough, in late 2019, she found her way to the bike, took her first class and never turned back. Clipping in continued to bring joy, challenge, community and every time she fell more in love. The people, the music, the sweat, it has been a magical journey for Kenz. She believes that change doesn’t happen in one moment, it’s small consistent choices over time and she has seen that on the bike. When you meet her, you will feel encouraged to join her by being present and to capitalize on the moments in front of you.
When she’s not in the saddle room, she’s with her crew at the shop making coffee and raising up that next generation of leaders, or out in Sonoma pouring into her drum students that are soon-to-be Rockstars.  When she’s on the podium teaching, her goal is to help riders feel like they are part of something bigger and to leave with mental and physical freedom, so they can spread love and make every person they meet feel the same way.

Reason for clipping in: The collective push to be better than we were yesterday.

Favorite Move: Push Taps + Figure 8’s

Music You’ll hear: Remixes + Bass Drops + Headbangers