Krista is a Mom, Coast Guard veteran, and the Studio Manager at CYCLESOCIETY! She was born and raised in Oregon, and spent her time dabbling in many different sports, but found her niche in swimming and water polo. Krista developed a passion for water safety and taught swim lessons for children and adults up until she amplified her pursuit of that passion and joined the Coast Guard in 2013. She then spent six years being stationed up and down the east coast. Her last three years in the Coast Guard were dedicated to performing search and rescue operations on the Long Island Sound. In 2019, she moved to Napa with her husband and daughter. Krista originally committed to the Coast Guard to pursue her passion of water safety and taking care of others. After having her daughter, she decided it was time to leave the service to commit her time to her family. When she is not in the saddle room, you can catch Krista at the beach, going on long bike rides, swimming, crafting, and finding joy in any activity that involves her family. 

Krista joined CYCLESOCIETY as a rider in November 2020 with the hope of finding connection with others. She felt drawn to the community right away, and joined the team as the Studio Manager about six weeks later! Krista stands firm in her belief that we are all meant to care for each other, which is what inspired her to seek an avenue of connection beyond the front desk…instructing! In every one of Krista’s classes you can expect a smile, a motivational push, your own personal cheerleader, and someone who will remind you of how strong you are. Krista is driven by intense, fun, and powerful music. Come to her class prepared to sweat, party, and feel good!

Reason for Clipping In: CONNECTION and FUN!

Favorite Move: Elbow drop combos

Music you’ll hear: Fun, heavy beats, and lots of DJ’s…sprinkled with some guilty pleasure music every once in a while