rafaela dulanto


Rafaela was born in Peru and spent her childhood in Miami, FL. She grew up being very active in tennis, horseback riding and dancing ballet.  She relocated to the Napa Valley in 2020 for work and she has continued to remain as active and well rounded as she has always been.  When she’s not at work, or cycling, you can find her out adventuring on a hike, cooking and spending time with her dog, (also the studio mascot ;)) Hoagie.   

Rafa started cycling to make strong connections and lasting friendships and has taken it a step further in sharing her passion for sweat, community, and music  and translated it into her pursuit of becoming an indoor cycling instructor. Her infectious zeal and passion will make you fall in love with being in the saddle.  You will no doubt hear some spicy tunes in her classes and maybe some words of encouragement en Español. She will no doubt push you, but her main goal is for riders to have a blast every second of the ride! 
Get ready to saddle up with this fireball of energy, the party is just getting started.

Reason for clipping in:  “It’s like going to a party with all of your best friends but you’re getting a workout in!”

Favorite Move: Slow push and travels

Music You’ll hear: Anything with a Latin beat or vibe that reminds her of home!