No matter what class you walk into, CYCLESOCIETY classes provide a high intensity, low impact, exhilarating workout focused on improving your fitness level and overall well-being. Each class is led by a dynamic instructor whose music and rhythm-based exercises will transform your mind and your body. Most of our classes are 45 minutes long and some are 60.  Some are strictly cycling, some are cycle + strength (using dumbbells and body weight).  At CYCLESOCIETY, you will be encouraged to start strong, but finish stronger and each instructor will help make that possible. 
We do “rhythm riding” which means we ride to the beat of the music, with drills that will challenge riders both mentally and physically.  Our job is to help everyone hear the music and establish that mind + body connection while riding. We aim to have a balance of songs that push riders to push heavy gear, sprint and incorporate choreography, all while being safe and smart on the bike. We always encourage riders to keep resistance on the bike to protect their joints and maintain good form. 
You will often hear the phrase “YES YOU CAN” in classes, our hope is that each rider will allow those simple, yet powerful words, to inspire them both on and off the bike. 


Get ready to saddle up for 45 minutes of sprints, climbs, hovers, tap backs and a sweaty, heart pounding party on a bike. The actual ride is right around 42 minutes, followed by a cool down stretch at the end. Each class is structured around a unique playlist hand curated by each instructor to keep you engaged and motivated until the very last minute.


It’s time to move beyond the bike to our off- the- bike class, SHIFT. This 45 minute workout is a full body, cardio-strength blend that will leave you physically challenged and deeply inspired by discovering what you’re capable of. This class incorporates a combination of different strength moves mixed in with ample cardio and is often driven by beat-based movements. **A personal yoga mat is required for this class**


This class contains all the components of our SOCIETY45 ride with an added song for upper strength moves to the tempo of the music. Each UPLIFT portion of this class will target the biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and back. This class will help get your upper body toned and strong while helping mix up your regular ride routine with some strength training. At the beginning of this class, you will grab a set of dumbbells (we have weights ranging from 2lbs to 12lbs) and place them in the dumbbell holder on the back of your bike.


It’s time to mix things up with our hybrid class, SOCIETYFUSE. This class offers 30 minutes of cycling, directly followed by 30 minutes of HIIT and or strength training and ends with a full 5 minute stretch. SOCIETYFUSE if a total body workout and every off-the-bike portion is different, with some classes focused more on strength and some, more on cardio conditioning.
**A personal yoga mat is required for this class**


This class is offered on a quarterly basis. It is designed for new riders and seasoned riders, alike. This class is designed to go over all the basics of rhythm riding. The 60 minute class includes 15-20 minutes of detailed instruction on bike set up, how to use and analyze the power meter readings and how to ride to the beat of the music. Following the instruction off the bike is a 30-40 minute ride, where the instructor will coach progressions at a slower pace and the class concludes with a 5 minute Q & A with the instructor.